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Sunday, October 08, 2006
Supreme Court: The RPG

Really fun but tiring day.  I've thought of something really stupid-perhaps because I'm so tired.  But it could be an interesting concept so I figure I might as well post it to see what people think. 

Yes I know I'm in to geeky stuff.  Typical geeky things like rpgs (role playing games), and atypical geeky things like constitutional law.  So I had the brillant idea of combing the two into a game I would call "Supreme Court:  The Role Playing Game!**"

The idea would be that name players would take up roles as the members of the Supreme Court.  The time period would begin near the ratification of the Constitution.  The players would then have facts, and relevant social circumtances given to them and then must decide historic cases that went before the Supreme Court. 

At first the characters would be only armed with the facts, and the text of the constitution.  The players could post short paragraphs explaining their reasoning for reaching a particular conclusion.  (no long arguments - this is still supposed to be more entertainment then law school class) The players then must decide to join with the opinions of others to form a majority.  Then as issues are decided - decisions become part of the framework of the rules that the characters will have to follow (or at least have to come up with a clever reason to disregard/overrule)

Perhaps the game could begin with a case along the lines of Marberry v. Madison (the case that established judicial review).  Then just so it isn't a history lesson - it would be cool if the game master could switch up cases from the order that they were actually presented to the court. 

Or even to spice things up maybe the GM could create kooky new constitutional amendments - to see how that would force the hands of the characters. 

An RPG about 9 ominous figures in black robes - totally original. 

Now all I need are 9 players...

So sleepy - this could be really stupid... I may end up deleting this in the morning...

**The name of which is now copyrighted by me.

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Posted at 09:49 pm by pcoon001

EV, fka Jagged
November 25, 2006   03:19 AM PST
Soooo totallly awesome. Go for it!

How are you, by the way?

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