Michael » Dude! Count me in on the SCOTUS RPG! Pls send Beta version soonest. thx
Heather » Hey, the Pat! Just making sure you're still alive, what with all that law school whatchacallit.
jagged » hey! i'm a dreamer escape artist junkie monkey love bug! cool
EV, fka Jagged » Hey, Pat.....long time no speak. or read or anything. But yeah...my blog addy's changed. http://5november.blogdrive.com See ya later!
Heather » I've got a new blog to replace the link you've got down there: www.heather-harris.blogspot.com \m/
Jonathan » One final note: I fully support your efforts to find the last remaining cans of Coke II, in American Samoa. I love Wikipedia!
Jonathan » That's all the news I'm fit to print. I trust I may hear from you soon, Pat. Do you ever hear from Ted?
Jonathan » I may be reached at the following: jlich001@worldnet.att.net jlich001@yahoo.com jlich001@excite.com The first remains the primary address.
Jonathan » I see Ben is still among the living. So, where does that leave me? I'm working at WHRO this Saturday and Sunday.
Jonathan » I am completely out of the loop, and with so many entries in your blog I thought I'd settle for the best next thing: pithy IM's.
Jonathan » And where may I find you on this oppressively humid summer's day?
Jonathan » Pat? This is me! Back from Southern Ossetia, I have returned to audit you. Who? What? Where? Why? And, when?
Jonathan » Hello?
Pat » Don't get too close, it may attack you
Heather » dude.. you need to come back from off the face of the earth. Riqui left something for you at my house and, well, it's starting to freak me out.
Ben » check it out i updated, ya mean man
Matthias » Best regards from Cologne, Germany!
Heather » that homepage I plugged in on this here form is where you can find my email & AIM
Pat » While they don't throw down like Norfolkers, Richmonders know how to party on a Thursday!
richmond dude » sup yall~!!! richmond represent woot
Cliff » Check them oout
Cliff » Check them oout
Rahul » I dont have a blog and if i happen to create one how to divert some nice traffic to it
Rahul » nice blog dude
Scott » Dude, I'm jealous. I mean, I have blog groupies...but I don't have Portugese and Spanish blog groupies. Maybe its your love of Telemundo.
Jagged » So....happy winsol!
Pat » Yeah I've gotten all these new posters, and I have no idea who they are, or what they're saying to me
Jagged » Um....Wow. Your tagboard is...I don't think there's a word for it.
MARIANA » hola yo hablo en castellano pero igual se algo de ingles hi"!!!
sara » wow harry t'es meilleur et ben si vous voulez me contacté le voila mn msn"tita_89nina@hotmail.com" et mon blog"http://s-sara.skyblog.com"et surtt n'oubliez ps de lachez vos com's svp!!!
sara » wow harry t'es meilleur et ben si vous voulez me contacté le voila mn msn"tita_89nina@hotmail.com" et mon blog"http://s-sara.skyblog.com"et surtt n'oubliez ps de lachez vos com's svp!!!
sara » wooww harry t'es le meilleur le voila mn msn si vous voulez me ccontacté "tita_89nina@hotmail.com" et le voilà aussi mon blog "http://s-sara.skyblog.com" et surtt n'oubliez pas de laché vs com's svp
laine » hello how are? was up!
laine » hello how are? was up!
laine » hello how are? was up!
laine » hello how are? was up!
El Pat » Hello me, its the real me. How its going?
Pat » The Domination was fuckt up
Pat » hej kanker lijers
Pat » yippy kay jay motherfockers
Jagged » My blog is in a similar state, Scott. I never post, people never read. And I'm a whore for not keeping up to date with my BDfriends blogs....slap me.
hiya! » Wow no one has been here in AGES!! well ttyl bye!
hiya! » Heyy every one!!!
Pat » I went to Old Dominion
hood » what college did u go to
Scott » Isn't that what gangs do? Tag? Do I have a tagboard? My blog is dusty, unused, and unread.
Pat » tagboard? what's a tagboard?
Jagged » Your tagboard is really dead, you know that Pat? (Shouldnt say anything, so is mine...). But I posted last like a month ago. Maybe.
Scott » Brian reads your Blog more than mine...I hate him for that
Name » Message
Name » Message
Scott » One day I will be as official as Pat, and have my blog listed on reputable weblists.
Name » Message
Jagged » Scott: AIM me. It's on my profile. <3, Jag.
Scott » Jagged is so eloquent...and Candian to boot...I wish we talked more.
Jagged » Anyway. Awesome response. I responded too, in the comments.
Jagged » Woo....read the huge ungrammatical and dripping of stupid hate mail comment......how come I don't get hate mail? *voice answers: because you're not as cool as Pat, Jagged. Duh.*
Name » Message
Scott » Pat, you need to post the link to the Zombie blog!
Scott » taunt
ElvenSarah » Seahorses! *tightens fist* The will get theirs! *Evil Laugh*
Jagged » Happy holidays! (I know I'm late...)
Jagged » Monty Python's way of saying "I like thy blog".
Jagged » And the Holy Web Blog was created, to blow thy enemies to tiny bits using thy witty repartee, and yea, verily, it was good, and there were links, and the people feasted.
ElvenSarah » It is done
ElvenSarah » Sorry, I don't have Stryper. I would be honored if you link me. The favor will be returned.
Scott » Why did that post twice, Gott im Himmel!
Scott » Crikie! Pat Updated! Hazaa
Scott » Crikie! Pat Updated! Hazaa
Zorak » Click, Click, Click...Christmas songs in July
Scott » ohhhh, Latin
Not Shakespeare » Eat it!
The Authority » Hark! Take heed mortal! Thy blog hath need updating ! Forsooth!
Scott » Happy Existence Day!!! We're still here!...AND growing to boot.
Scott » Dude! You have to show me how you did that cool image posty-thing at the top of the blog! That's friggin awesome.
Your Journal » Please update me, I'm lonely
Pat » All except the hot sluts part... as far as I know hehehe
Brian » Pat, did the phone thing actually happen?
Brent » Hey, I just developed this web application called CONNECTS! it was an idea I came up with a couple years ago about community based browsing of the web. Anyway, why am I bothering you with this?
Pat » yup
Cielo » Lol, blog's got a conscience...
Scott » Taste's like burning
Scott » hey, who stole my idea to be people's blog's conscience...Ben I'm looking at you.
Your blog » Update me please
Your blog » update me please
Brian » wow, thanks
Scott » si
Brian » SCott are you serious?
Scott » I'll get you some when I'm back from 'Pan.
Brian » Dude, i want some of the poison snake drink!
Scott » Bring it to the Lan Party...I will eat it while crushing Pat's insignificant Rebellion
Brian » Oh, speaking of pudding, I have a 7 lb vat sitting in my pantry..and by vat I mean unopened can. Could we use this?
The Great and only » Stupid windows
Scott » Poor Pat...windows are just not down with your journal.
Brian » Hmm, off to a bang I see.. :0)